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BWL is lifting the curtain on an exciting new performing arts elective!

PANYC: Performing Arts NYC is designed for the arts lover, the arts-curious, and everyone in between! Students don’t need to have a theater or performing background. The only prerequisites are an interest in learning more about the performing arts and a commitment to spending a few hours after school each month attending shows with classmates in the greatest city for performing arts in the world—NYC!

PANYC is a deep dive into the world of performing arts for 11th and 12th graders. Students will attend a musical, play, concert, or other live performance once a month, have pre- and post-discussions about the show, and examine every part of the production to gain a deep understanding of the history and background, characters, actors, production team, costumes, script, music, technical aspects, and more! PANYC students will participate in a variety of written and performance-based assignments inspired by the productions. But no need to panic (even though the name of the course is PANYC!); performing experience or ability NOT required to complete the assignments.

Trips to attend productions will occur once a month on weeknights, and attendance is mandatory. There is a $250 registration fee to take the class, which partially covers ticket costs. Financial aid is available for those who qualify. Please reach out to PANYC instructor Benji Goldsmith ( with questions. 11th and 12th grade students should select PANYC: Performing Arts NYC on their course registration forms to sign up for the class.

Attend live performances in the greatest performing arts city in the world—NYC!