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BWL Abroad Program

In the Fall of 2023, BWL will host a trip to Dubai, UAE where our students will engage, explore, and learn first-hand about Middle Eastern history and culture.

11th and 12th graders will have the opportunity to visit Dubai, where ultra-modern meets the historical cradle of civilization. Students will be hosted by one of our BWL parents and spend a week seeing historical sites, learning about Dubai’s rich and ancient history, seeing its world-renowned architecture, and studying at a second school.

Students will undertake a curriculum blending the city's arts and culture with its cutting-edge science and technology through:

  • Immersion into Dubai's historical roots and linguistic heritage, highlighting music, handcraft, language, cuisine, and art
  • Emirati music, perfume, cuisine, storytelling, and contemporary art
  • Dubai's role as a global business hub: its exponential growth and pioneering technological advancements, including sustainability programs, engineering, and space exploration
  • Hands-on activities, interactive sessions, and guided explorations

8 Days in Dubai!

Discover the Heartbeat of Dubai

Introduction to Dubai

  • Learn the vibrant history of Dubai, from its origins as a small fishing village to the global city it is today. 

 Language and Communication 

  • Learn basic Arabic phrases and greetings, and explore the importance of language in preserving culture by visiting poetry slams and literature readings. 
  • Try your hand at Arabic calligraphy!
  • Experience Al Yowla, a traditional victory dance and an Emirati storytelling session. 


Embrace the Artistic Soul of Dubai

Music and Dance

  • Experience traditional Emirati music: Sounds of the Oud (lute), Tablah (drum), and Qanun (zither).
  • Learn to play the Tablah!
  • Learn how instruments are used in storytelling traditions.

Culinary Journey 

  • Taste Emirati cuisine: Al Harees, Al Majboos, and Luqaimat, and learn about the significance of dates and coffee (Gahwa) in Emirati culture.
  • Make your own Luqaimat, a traditional dessert.

 Modern Art and Culture 

  • Explore Dubai's contemporary art scene at Alserkal Avenue, displaying local artists.


Connect the Dots and Look to the Stars

Business and Economy

  • Discover Dubai as a global business hub and learn about the significance of the Dubai Expo.

Technological Advancements

  • Explore Dubai's smart city initiatives: Smart traffic systems, digital governance, Hyperloop transpor-tation, and flying taxis.

Space Exploration

  • Learn all about UAE's Mars Mission and the Hope Probe, and explore the future of space exploration for the UAE


Uncover the Future in the Desert

Environmental Solutions 

  • Explore the solar parks, waste managment solutions and salination plants that maintain Dubai's sustainability structure. 

Architectural Marvels 

  • Learn about the evolution of Dubai's skyline, from Barjeels (wind towers) to skyscrapers.
  • Visit iconic structures like the Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, and the Dubai Frame.