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Honors Research Seminar

From Curiosity to Expertise 

The Honors Research Seminar is a year-long, immersive course designed for high-achieving seniors who are passionate about realms of knowledge across disciplines.

This seminar is modeled after a college-level research course and meets two to three days per week, with extended double periods to facilitate in-depth exploration and discussion. The course is structured around the foundational skills necessary for academic research, segmented into "hard science," "soft science," and humanities. Students will master navigating academic databases, critical analysis of scholarly articles, discerning rigorous research from the questionable, and the nuances of academic writing and bibliography. The first term focuses on building these competencies through thematic studies in chosen and class-selected topics, transitioning into a second term where students undertake their own research project from inception to presentation. Admission is predicated on previous grades, statements of interest, and a commitment to the rigor of the course. 

Syllabus Snapshot:

Semester 1: Foundations of Research

  • Introduction to academic databases and resources
  • Analyzing and annotating scholarly articles
  • Identifying rigorous vs. questionable research
  • Academic writing, style, and formatting
  • Special topics exploration

Semester 2: Independent Research Project

  • Selecting a novel research topic
  • Comprehensive review of existing literature
  • Conducting original research (where applicable)
  • Crafting and presenting scholarly articles
  • Thesis defense preparation and practice


Upon completing this seminar, students will emerge as confident researchers equipped with the tools to critically evaluate information, conduct thorough investigations, and articulate their findings with clarity and precision. Beyond mastering academic skills, participants will develop curiosity, resilience, and a lifelong love for learning. This course demands commitment from students but prepares them for the rigors of college-level research and beyond.