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Community Service

BWL's strong focus on building community is evident in our many Service Learning initiatives. Through partnerships with outside organizations and the personal initiatives of students and community members in our school, we provide service learning opportunities where students can see the immediate impact of their efforts, and learn how to be agents for positive change. 

BWL is proud to have partnerships with New York Common Pantry, Grassroots Grocery, Ronald McDonald House, Project Cicero, Glamour Gals, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, among others. Students participate in sandwich making, food and toy drives, and annual charitable walks to support and raise awareness of Diabetes, Breast Cancer, Alzheimer's and Heart Disease, to name a few. 








Students, parents and faculty partnered with Grassroots Grocery for a Produce Packing Party in the Bronx, packing and hand delivering food to those in need.