Upper and Middle School Uniforms


Certain elements of the School uniform must be purchased from the Mills Uniform Company. Uniforms may be ordered online: http://www.millswear.com. The BWL school uniform code is 6736.

Gym uniforms are required in Middle School, and are sold through our school supply store, the BiWize. (No gym uniforms are required in grades 9 through 12.) To view gym uniform requirements and download BiWize order forms, click on BIWIZE (School Store) in the menu on the left, or in Quicklinks.

Please note that any student who has excessive uniform infractions will have his or her transcript noted, meaning that other schools and colleges may be made aware of school policy infractions. 


Beginning with the 2020-21 academic year, we have eliminated the formal distinction between a boys’ uniform and a girls’ uniform, in the Middle and Upper School.

Ties and blazers are no longer part of BWL’s school uniform in the Middle and Upper School.

The uniform for Middle and Upper School incorporates the BWL logo into a required polo shirt, and there are two color options: white and navy. The polo shirts with the BWL logo may be purchased through the Mills Uniform Company, at www.millswear.com, beginning in mid-May. The specific on sale date will be announced soon in a follow-up email with all of the information needed to place your order, including BWL’s School Code: 6736. All Middle and Upper School students, whether male or female, will have the choice to wear any of the following items: 

1. Tan khaki pants of choice (no cargo pants or pants with decorative zippers) to be purchased through Mills or elsewhere; tan khaki skirt of choice (mid-thigh length), to be purchased through Mills or elsewhere.

2. Short-sleeved white polo with the new logo, and short-sleeved navy polo with the new logo, both polo shirts to be purchased only through Mills. Long-sleeved polo shirts with the new logo will be available in November 2020.

3. Crew neck or cardigan sweaters may be worn in solid colors only; no hoodies or sweatshirts allowed; any shoes other than flip-flops or high-heeled shoes.

4. Fridays will be dress down days in the Middle and Upper School.

If you have additional questions about the Middle and Upper School uniform requirements, please contact Lori Kennedy, Director of the Middle School: lkennedy@gbwl.org or Curtis March, Director of the Upper School: cmarch@gbwl.org