Revised Spring Schedule for In-Person and Remote Learning

January 20, 2021

Dear Parents: 

The entire BWL administration wishes to express our gratitude toward your perseverance and flexibility navigating these troubling times. As we move into a spring cycle that should prove brighter and brighter as the months pass, we want to share with you our upcoming plans for the spring schedule. Foremost, we wish to reassure you that with the implementation of this revised spring schedule we will definitely complete the educational goals set forth in the curricula for grades K-12. With input from the Parent Association, the Board, and BWL’s administration, the spring schedule has been set and will ensure that we accomplish the learning milestones and proficiencies expected of our students.

We acknowledge that our spring schedule is a departure from what was set forth at the beginning of the school year. As you know, circumstances have changed on a global, state, and local level. Therefore, our schedule required appropriate revision and consideration of more equitable distribution of in-person learning across grades K-12. We are confident that our planning and implementation accounts for what is appropriate and urgent in accomplishing our curricular goals.

Time allocated thus far for in-person learning, academic assessments, and community concerns, all informed our decisions. Faculty and administrators discussed your children’s progress, and our discussions led to decisions regarding distribution of in-person learning, including the revision of the final school weeks in June. These have typically been ceremonial weeks in the Lower School, and will now be devoted to academics. By revising our spring schedule we have ensured that additional in-person weeks were included to compensate for the unforeseen delays that impacted grades K through 5 at the beginning of the school year.

We cannot predict the local, state, and global environments this coming fall; therefore plans for our September schedule are still under consideration. We will continue to consult the CDC and the Department of Health in all of our decision making and notify the community as soon as next year’s schedule is in place.

We will continue to adapt to our changing environment and achieve the prestigious quality of education that everyone in our community has come to expect from The Birch Wathen Lenox School. We will continue to grow, innovate, and learn so that our School is a trailblazing example of integrity throughout the independent school community. Thank you again for your adaptability, civility and respect during these troubling times. When the burden is lifted we will have found our community reinforced by the strength of togetherness. We look forward to making these next months academically fulfilling and enlightening.

Kind Regards,

BWL Administration