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The Sound of Music—Whiffenpoof Style

Jessica Lichtenstein




BWL has enjoyed a long and historic relationship with the Yale Whiffenpoofs. The most important aspect of this tradition is the annual Whiffenpoof Day, with a cappella performances taking place in grades K through 12. 

As you may know, BWL has hired several Whiffenpoofs. Currently Benjamin Goldsmith, Yale '14, Assistant Director of Performing Arts, directs the girls’ a cappella group (the MsChords) and the boys’ group (the Beaux Ties), in the Upper School. Both groups receive musical direction in the Whiffenpoofs' style, using similar musical arrangements.

This year the Whiffenpoofs performed at BWL on November 12th in all three divisions. Whiffenpoof Sammy Grob, Yale '21 (cousin of Diana Lichtenstein BWL '18), commented after the group completed four a cappella sets: "We love engaging with students of different ages, and their enthusiasm gives us energy on stage. Getting to share our music is such a joy."

Headmaster Frank J. Carnabuci III shared his enthusiasm for Whiffenpoof Day:  “We treasure our ongoing ties with the Whiffenpoofs and Yale. The yearly concert date is a wonderful way to reaffirm our students’ passion for a cappella music in all grades.”