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The Great BWL Book Fair Launches a Summer of Reading

Richard Pan

The BWL Book Fair on May 16th and 17th delighted the community with exciting author visits, as well as the opportunity to purchase books required for summer reading for Middle and Upper School students. The Book Fair Chairs, Alexandra Wald P’23 and P’27, Marietta Rose P’27 and P’30, and Babette Roberts P’20 and P’23, did a fantastic job.

The writers who visited and spoke to Middle and Lower School students included several BWL parents who are published authors: Robin Newman P’25, the award-winning author of The Case of the Missing Carrot Cake and Hildie Bitterpickles Needs her Sleep; and Lisa Greenwald P’28 and P’31, author of My Life in Pink and Green, and the acclaimed “TBH” series.

Other well known authors who spoke at BWL during the Book Fair were Gwendolyn Javor, author of Absurdimals, which was inspired by paintings that the writer made in high school; Karina Van Glaser, author of the award-winning Vanderbeekers series, and Denise Lewis Patrick, author of the Melody and Cecile American Girl series. Gavin Brown spoke to the Seventh Grade about the writing process that led to Josh Baxter Levels Up, which featured a Seventh Grader who navigates the challenges of Middle School as though it were a video game.