Ryan Clinesmith Joins BWL

Richard Pan

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Ryan Clinesmith as a Lower School teacher and Assistant to the Headmaster. As Assistant to the Headmaster, Mr. Clinesmith will be working on a variety of projects to enhance the school’s program and mission. In addition, he is co-teaching Mr. Carnabuci’s twelfth grade course, The Outsider in Literature, as shown in the photo. Ryan Clinesmith attended The Calhoun School and graduated from The Hill School in Pennsylvania. He holds a BFA from Emerson College and has been on the faculty of LREI. An accomplished writer and poet, he is the editor of The Poetry Distillery and The Poetry Barn. The poem that follows was originally published in Gravel Literary Magazine. We are delighted to welcome Ryan Clinesmith to BWL and know that he will contribute greatly to our community. 

Folgers Classic Recipe

Sits on the bottom shelf

in the bathroom,

a deluxe size container

Filled with everything

but coffee;

rocks, tampons, a hairbrush,

rubber bands once shot

in the kitchen, a ball of clay -

a failed miniature wolf

from a pottery class,

scissors, old things

long ago duplicated

like the house

around the Folgers container,

a wooden memory

of forgotten pasts.

By Ryan Clinesmith

Originally published in Gravel Literary Magazine