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Professor Hope Rias, Former Faculty Member, Leads Workshops on Diversity

Jessica Lichtenstein

Hope Rias Ph.D., a former Social Studies teacher at BWL and currently a professor specializing in developing anti-racist curricula at Bridgewater College in Virginia, spoke at a special morning Convocation for students and faculty. The topic was Navigating Difficult Dialogue About Race, with workshops held for a group of peer leaders in the Middle and Upper School, as well as for members of the faculty and administration.

Participants were treated to an original performance by Billie Williams, BWL’s Admissions Coordinator and an award-winning blues singer, accompanied by our female a cappella group, the MsChords. The rousing song, Ten Million Sisters, provided the perfect opening for the faculty workshop. Inspired by Dr. Rias, members of our community grappled with the many challenges and opportunities that are inherent in developing curricula related to equity and inclusion.