BWL’s Art Show Displays Exemplary Creative Student Work

Jessica Lichtenstein


BWL’s arts program is designed to develop a passion for creative expression through exposure to and development of skills in the visual arts, music, and theater arts. This is never more apparent than during the Annual Art Show each May. Artwork from every grade is displayed in a dazzling culmination of a year of stunning creativity. The 2022 Art Show was no exception, including a wide range of projects reflecting the Kindergarten through Grade 12 curriculum and meticulously curated by our talented Art Department faculty.

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BWL’s Visual Arts curriculum includes courses in drawing, painting, photography, sculpture and mixed media. Students have an Art History requirement in Upper School, and they visit local museums as part of the curriculum. Through the arts, students build cultural literacy, confidence and self-expression. The arts allow students to discover the joy of creative expression and interpretation.