BWL Celebrates Halloween with Creative Writing Projects

Danielle Lambert

Students were in the Halloween spirit last week, celebrating with a virtual costume parade and creative writing projects in both Lower and Middle School.

Photo: First Grade students show off their costumes during the virtual Halloween assembly. 

Students in the BWL Lower School celebrated Halloween with a virtual assembly featuring Halloween stories and a costume parade. Students in Kindergarten through Grade 2 wrote about monsters, while students in Grades 3 through Grade 5 wrote poems and spooky stories. The students were given the opportunity to read their creations during this special assembly.

Photo: Middle School Administrators Lori Kennedy and Guillermo Salgado

Middle School students showcased their writing skills with a scary story writing contest. "In years past, middle school teachers relied upon the Young Writers USA Scary Story contest, but when it was canceled due to the pandemic, we thought, why not create our own BWL inspired writing contest?" said Lillian Poloner (BWL '05), Middle School English Teacher. This year's competition was a spooky saga contest - stories had to be very short (100 words or less) and the contest winners were truly spine-chilling.

Congratulations to contest winners Sarah Beinner, Sara Karpati and Amaridor Sumter! To read their stories, click here.