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Cater To You

Get Started:

How do I register?

Please click here or visit 

When do orders for lunch need to be in by? 

All orders for the upcoming week need to be placed by Wednesday at 12PM. Cater To You accepts orders for the month if you wish to place the month order all at once. 

What if I forget to place my order?

Every Tuesday a push notification will be sent out as a reminder to place your orders. Please sign up to receive the push notifications. If you forget to place your order, Cater To You will have extra daily entrees and sandwiches on hand to accommodate. 

My student has an allergy, how will I know what is safe for them to eat?

Each menu item will be labeled on the website with allergens. You can filter the menu to cross out any items that contain the allergen. 

What comes with the meal?

Each hot meal will come with 2 sides posted on the menu. These sides will always come with the meal and will not be able to be changed. Sandwiches will always come with a side salad or crudite. 

How will the meal get to my child?

Cater To You will be delivering the packaged meal you ordered to your student's classroom. The meal will be labeled with your student's name and the menu item inside the package. It is important to know where your student will be eating lunch, as you will need to select the delivery location. 

When will I be able to begin ordering lunches? 

Ordering is available now!  

More questions? 

Please send an email to with any questions!