BWL Uniforms and School Supplies

BWL School Uniform

The school uniform is purchased through the Mills Uniform Company. For a full description of the school uniforms, please select Lower School Uniform or Upper and Middle School Uniforms


BWL Gym Uniform

The gym uniform consists of a navy shirt with BWL in white, and gray shorts with BWL in blue. The gym uniform is required for students in grades 1 through 8, and is recommended for students entering Kindergarten. Students in the Upper School may wear appropriate athletic clothing during Physical Education classes.

To purchase gym uniforms, please use the BWL Gym Uniform Order Form.  


School Supplies

Lower School/Middle School Supplies:

All supplies mandated by the teachers for the academic year are delivered to the classrooms in the Lower School and to the teachers in the Middle School for direct distribution to the students. A flat fee has been added to each student’s tuition bill to cover the cost of these supplies. However, this fee does not cover the cost of additional supplies, accessories, or supplies damaged by mishandling. 

Upper School Supplies:

The following supplies are recommended for students in Grades 9-12. 

Grade 9

Grade 10

Grade 11