Physical Education at Birch Wathen Lenox empowers students with the knowledge of how to conduct a healthy and active lifestyle. BWL's student athletes display a passion for various sports, both during PE classes and through interscholastic competitions, while honing their skills of sportsmanship, teamwork, and physical fitness.


Physical Education


Students in Grades K-2 participate in weekly physical education classes as well as outdoor recess on the school's rooftop playground. Students strengthen their fundamental skills of cooperative learning, physical coordination, discovery, play and active listening. The incorporation of these fundamental skills encourages the students to embrace the values of the school's core philosophy, Integrity, Loyalty, Civility.

In Grades 3-5, we continue to build on the student's strength, agility, and physical fitness, while also including an introduction to competitive sports. The program is built around the concepts of goal setting, creative thinking, teamwork, and FUN, while also fostering confidence and individual growth through team sports, cooperative games and independent activities, such as our rock-climbing wall.  

All grades participate in Lower, Middle and Upper School Field Day. An opportunity for community engagement within an exhilarating and festive outdoor environment. The day enables us to showcase our students abilities, celebrate the the beginning or conclusion of the school year, and magnify school spirit, all while spending the day having fun and being active.







In Grade 6, students are introduced to the after-school intramural program including: soccer, volleyball, basketball, and racquet sports. This program allows students to explore different sports while cultivating their sportsmanship, increasing their skill set, and encouraging participation in competitive sports in the future.

Middle School students in Grades 6-8 are provided with the opportunity to enhance their athletic growth and development through a variety of Physical Education classes and extracurricular activities. PE classes meet three times per week and incorporate exercises that increase flexibility and dexterity, enhance coordination, and encourage structure and discipline.

We routinely encourage student involvement through after school tournaments and activities, such as soccer, basketball, student-teacher competitions, and dodgeball, to name a few.  This provides both our competitive and non-competitive students additional opportunities to interact with friends and faculty. These experiences build school spirit and camaraderie among the community in fun, convivial and structured environment.

For the more competitive student-athlete,  interscholastic competition is introduced in Grades 7 and 8. BWL competes in the Independent School Association League (ISAL). The ISAL offers the following sports: soccer, volleyball, cross-country, basketball, track, tennis (8th), swimming (8th), and baseball (8th).



In Grades 9-12, PE classes emphasize the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle. Topics include cardiovascular health through running/power walking, weight-training for building muscle and strength, aerobic fitness, and other every day activities that increase motor skills, endurance and strength. Our goal is to provide guidance and instruction that will encourage positive habits and physical behavior for a lifetime.  

Our Varsity and Junior Varsity student-athletes compete in the Independent School Athletic League (ISAL), which takes place throughout NYC. Interscholastic sports include: Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Girls Volleyball, Boys & Girls Cross-Country, Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball, Co-ed Swimming, Co-ed Squash, Boys & Girls Track & Field, Girls Tennis, Boys Tennis, Co-ed Golf, and Boys Baseball.  The school also participates in state level competitions through the New York State Association of Independent Schools (NYSAIS).