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Students who enter the Upper School at BWL will be confidently prepared for every step that lies ahead. From the very beginning of Grade Nine through the day graduates receive their diplomas, each Upper School student is guaranteed guidance by members of a superior faculty, including our College Counseling team. Upper School students face a new degree of independence, as they rise to meet the demands of the college-preparatory program. Future college students are educated within BWL’s rigorous academic environment, which also incorporates nurture, structure and guidance. Expectations of Upper School students include high achievement in academics, active social awareness and a wide range of extracurricular activities, all culminating with students' matriculation at a fine college or university.

The Upper School curriculum is comprised of compulsory studies that include two years of the arts; three years each of History, Math, Science and World Language; and four years of English and Physical Education. Opportunities for students to add elective courses to their schedules are enhanced further by the offering of Advanced Placement courses to eligible students. AP American History is available to juniors, while seniors may choose up to four Advanced Placement courses, schedules permitting, from among Biology, Physics, Calculus, English literature, and French or Spanish language or literature.

To follow each student's unique path as he or she strives to master the course work, the faculty measures academic progress through quarterly grades, comments, and conferences, always maintaining a partnership between parents and the School. The onset of standardized testing begins in Grade Nine with the Stanford Achievement Test, continues in Grade Ten with the PLAN test, and is followed by the PSAT and SAT tests in Grades Eleven and Twelve.

Upper School students are keenly aware of their responsibility and privilege of being role models for the rest of the School, as they are given the opportunity to hold positions in peer leadership as well as student government. Extracurricular activities are expanded through the addition of new clubs every year, such as the Debate Club, Film Club, Sports Analysis Club, Robotics, Support & Inclusivity Club, Peer Tutoring, Community Service clubs, and various student publications (yearbook, newspaper, poetry and a lifestyle magazine), to name just a few.

The BWL Center for Learning and Technology provides the tools and resources for students to take on new academic challenges. Courses in desktop publishing and web design enhance student efforts to produce impressive yearbook and newspaper publications.

Interscholastic athletics are an integral part of the BWL Upper School. For a small, independent institution, BWL offers an impressive list of sports teams for both young men and women. Student athletes rise to the highest levels of divisional and state competitions, generating excitement throughout the community. Through teamwork, sportsmanship and drive, they are able to reach their athletic goals.

Every year, the entire BWL community applauds the newest graduates as they receive their diplomas and embark on the next chapter of their lives, taking with them the effusive BWL spirit and a comprehensive readiness for their future life endeavors.

Curtis March
Co-Director of Upper School
Ben DiNardo
Co-Director of Upper School
Momoho Takao 
BWL '99
Director of College Counseling and Assistant Director of Upper School