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Middle School Course of Study

The Birch Wathen Lenox Middle School consists of grades six through eight, and serves as a bridge between the self-contained classroom of the Lower School and the individualized schedules of the Upper School. Students in the Middle School are placed in different groupings throughout the day to allow for variations in teaching and learning styles in the various subject areas. Social dynamics are also taken into account when creating the groups. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where all students feel simultaneously challenged, yet supported, and comfortable taking risks in their learning. The same material is presented to each group; the degree of guidance through the material varies for each student, as do the supplementary challenges.

We have a traditional curriculum in The Birch Wathen Lenox Middle School and yet, innovation and dynamic classroom settings are at the core of student experience. The STEM Initiative coupled with the Service Initiative, Honor Code, House, Leadership, and Peer Relations programs promote critical thinking and problem solving skills essential to 21st century academic success while also reinforcing the emotional, ethical, and empathic maturation crucial to values- based learning and development. Emphasis is placed on student understanding and application of the content presented by our teachers in a conventional but engaging classroom setting. Students are assessed informally through class discussion, in-class writing assignments, laboratory experimentation, participation, and homework; and formally through quizzes, tests, presentations, and projects. While the content of each course is strongly emphasized, we also place a large value on the acquisition of essential academic and life skills during the students' time in the Middle School. This includes, but is not limited to, note-taking and test-taking skills, organization, time management, applied learning, self-advocacy, social tolerance and cues, civic responsibility, Internet safety and "netizenship," and effective communication with peers and adults. While many of these skills are taught formally through our Study Skills program, they are also inter woven into the curriculum of every class in the Middle School.

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