Visual and Performing Arts

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The Performing Arts Department at BWL offers a rigorous, K-12 exploration of music and theater. We have a school-wide curriculum that is available to students in all divisions. Additionally, there are numerous extracurricular opportunities to further refine our students' proficiency and interest in the Performing Arts. All students perform at the Holiday Concert in December and the Spring Concert in May, and Kindergarten performs at their annual Visitors Day. In Grades 4 and 5, students begin the study of an instrument, choosing between violin, viola, and cello.

Students in Grades K-5 rehearse and perform one show per year, often adaptations of children's books or popular Broadway shows. These shows are part of the Lower School curriculum, rehearsed during the school day. Throughout this 8 to 10 week process, students are introduced to basic theater vocabulary and technique including vocal projection, while they develop spatial awareness and interact with peers. Middle School students choose to take either Chorus, Electronic Music, or Instrumental as a music requirement. They may audition for a fall non-musical Middle School Play, as well as for the Middle and Upper School Spring Musical, which showcases the talents of students in both divisions, and is one of the highlights of BWL's spring schedule. Our Middle and Upper School a cappella groups, the MsChords and the Beaux Ties, are also extremely popular.

It is with great pride that the School community celebrates the dedication, and consistently dynamic results of every grade’s artistic efforts.This is never more apparent than during the Annual Art Show in May. Artwork from every grade is displayed during an evening open house. BWL’s Visual Arts curriculum includes courses in drawing, painting, photography, sculpture and mixed media. Students have an Art History requirement in Upper School, and they visit local museums as part of the curriculum. A select group of seniors take a fall seminar where they collaborate to design a calendar. Unique each year, and always breathtaking in its originality, the Senior Calendar is a stunning reflection of BWL’s emphasis on creative expression.

"It is with great pride that the School community witnesses the consistently dedicated and always dynamic results of every grade’s artistic efforts."