Community Service

Being part of a community means contributing to it as well as learning and receiving from it. At BWL, dedication to service learning begins with an awareness of this concept early in Kindergarten and remains a priority throughout the following thirteen years. Beginning with Dress Down Days in Lower School, when funds are raised for a wide range of charitable organizations, and continuing through Middle School, when students have community service requirements each trimester, BWL provides numerous opportunities for students and their families to give back.

Upper School students not only take on larger service learning projects but also may take on leadership roles, enhancing BWL’s immediate community through the Peer Leadership program. Recognizing that many service projects require an extensive time commitment, the School offers faculty chaperoned service learning trips during vacations, when Middle and Upper School students may assist in community rebuilding efforts. Recent trips to New Orleans and Houston were immensely popular and provided a hands-on opportunity to go above and beyond.

On a more local level, Middle and Upper School students take part in sandwich making, food and toy drives through organizations such as the Ronald McDonald House and New York Common Pantry. Along with their parents, all are encouraged to participate in charitable walks to support medical research and awareness of breast cancer, juvenile diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease, to name just a few.

The nurturing atmosphere within the School lends itself to the local and global communities as students bring their energies to worthy causes. Opportunities to engage in service learning projects at BWL continue to expand each year. Personal experiences bring different issues to the attention of our School community, and with each new project, students are impacted profoundly as they, in turn, have a positive influence on others. BWL will be eternally committed to its longstanding tradition of community service, which inspires its students to discover the lifelong rewards of social responsibility.

Upper School students organized a "Glamour Gals & Guys" event for seniors at the Lenox Neighborhood House -- one of BWL's athletic venues.