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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Equity and inclusion are integral parts of the BWL experience. Our school motto, “Integrity, Loyalty, Civility,” is modeled for students K-12 through discussion in the classroom and activities during assemblies. We believe that learning happens best within a diverse community, and our student body reflects this. Through our classroom debates and discussions, we encourage civil discourse with those who have differing opinions, and expose our students to a variety of perspectives. Our goal is for all members of our community to feel safe, respected, and affirmed. Some ongoing programs that demonstrate the School's commitment to equity and inclusion are listed below.

Student Diversity Forum

The Student Diversity Forum is a gathering place for Upper School students of color and their allies. Students use this space to examine topics of their choosing, with the help of their faculty advisor. Upper School students have several additional affinity groups including the Women’s Club, and SAGA (Sexuality and Gender Acceptance). The annual Diversity Film Forum provides students with an opportunity to select films related to topics of equity and social justice, for viewing and discussion by their peers.

The Diversity Awareness Initiative for Students

Many BWL students in grades 8-12 take part in DAIS. This is an organization dedicated to respect and celebration of different cultures. Students involved in DAIS plan and facilitate all of their own activities, providing leadership roles for those interested. BWL proudly hosts two DAIS meetings per year on site as part of the rotation of meetings taking place at independent schools throughout the city.

NAIS: People of Color Conference/ Student Diversity Leadership Conference

Every year, a number of Upper School students, as well as faculty, attend POCC/ SDLC, the mainstay of the equity and justice conferences initiated by NAIS. The mission of the conference is to provide a safe arena for both networking and professional development opportunities for adults and students of color, as well as their peers. Students and faculty return to BWL energized about sharing their experiences and newly formed knowledge with the School community, through assemblies and discussions with faculty and students.

CAFE: Cultural Awareness For Everyone

CAFE (Cultural Awareness For Everyone) provides a forum for parents to discuss issues related to equity and inclusion. It meets several times per year and addresses topics generated by its members. Guest speakers are also often brought into the conversation, and CAFE members and speakers serve as resources to support all BWL parents and their children.  

"Our goal is for all members of the BWL community to feel safe, respected, and affirmed."