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A Message from the Head of School

Bill Kuhn, Head of School


When I first entered the doors of Birch Wathen Lenox, I was drawn to its philosophy and culture: a school with a long history of rigorous academics and with an encouraging and responsive environment that feels like a home away from home for students. I grew up in New York City and attended an independent school in the area, so I was immediately impressed by the way BWL provided an excellent academic experience while fostering a calm and welcoming atmosphere, which isn't always the case at independent schools. As one of our recent graduates put it, “BWL allowed me to be me.” It’s been a privilege to work within that culture for the last decade and now lead this institution as Head of School.

BWL students are afforded the space to focus on themselves, their strengths and inspirations. We accomplish this through our tight-knit community and talented and effusive staff. Students can take giant leaps in preparing themselves for the “real world” while learning the skills essential to becoming resourceful and independent citizens. Diversity and inclusion have long been core values of BWL, and we are also committed to diversity of thought and the free exchange of ideas, encouraging students to listen to viewpoints different than their own.

Our faculty and staff foster an environment of what a K-12 school should be: one of exploration, personal growth and community. We meet students where they are and help take students to where they want to go. And they go on to great things: Students graduate from BWL and attend some of the country’s best universities, buoyed by the self-knowledge they gained during their time here. They create fulfilling careers, and they make a difference in their communities. 

Recently, I along with other administrators and faculty members, have developed groundbreaking programmatic initiatives, from our Entrepreneurship Program and Constructive Dialogue, to the Let Grow Project and Lower and Middle School Robotics. These unique programs help BWL stand out, and there is a feeling in the air that this is truly a new year for BWL. In addition to our innovative programs and more prominent profile, the building has undergone recent renovations. Our Library has double the usable space, with a new Lower School Library situated near Lower School classrooms; and we have an Entrepreneurship Lab for Middle and Upper School students, to name just a few of the changes that will shape the 2023-24 school year. 

Please enjoy exploring BWL’s signature programs on our website and follow us on social media to keep up with the daily happenings in our community. Better yet, tour the school and see our new spaces and our values in action. The energy and the spirit of the student body bring the campus alive. And, please, stop by my office for a visit; my door is always open.