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Upper and Middle School Uniforms    

Certain elements of the School uniform must be purchased from our uniform company, Sue Mills. Uniforms may be ordered online: There are dates in the spring when uniforms may be purchased in at BWL .

This year’s uniform sale dates (2018):
Monday June 4, 5, 6, regular uniform sales 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Monday June 4, 5  from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for the gym uniform

Gym uniforms are required in Middle School, and are sold through our school supply store, the BiWize. (No gym uniforms are required in grades 9 through 12.) To view gym uniform requirements and download BiWize order forms, click on the Community tab on the home page:

Please note that any student who has excessive uniform infractions will have his or her transcript noted, meaning that other schools and colleges may be made aware of school policy infractions. The division offices will maintain uniforms, and students appearing at school without a uniform will be required to change into one.
Fridays will be Dress Down Days for the Middle and Upper School divisions.


Middle and Upper School Girls:

 Early Fall  The first day of school through Thanksgiving
 Spring  Following Spring Break through June

 Skirt or Pants                                           Khaki skirt or khaki pants with the BWL logo, to be purchased from our uniform company. Skirts must be no shorter than four inches above the knee. Leggings may be worn under the skirts on cooler days. Any socks or tights are acceptable.
 Shirt  Short-sleeved solid-colored polo shirt in any shade of color. These may be any brand but must cover the midriff. A traditional v-neck or cardigan sweater may be worn on cooler days (no hoodies, sweatshirts, or zippered casual wear). 
 Shoes  Students may not wear backless shoes, heels above one inch, or flip-flops. All other shoes are acceptable. 

Late Fall and Winter: From the Tuesday after Thanksgiving until Spring Break
Skirt or Pants switch from khaki to the navy blue skirt or pants with the BWL logo, to be purchased from our uniform company. All other aspects of the uniform remain the same. Return to khaki skirt or pants following Spring Break.

SPECIAL DRESS DAYS: Skirts and regular shoes, not sneakers, must be worn on Special Dress Days when announced by the administration. Girls must wear white polo shirts on these days and the navy blue v-neck Special Dress sweater over the polo shirt if needed. This sweater may be purchased through our uniform company.

Middle School Boys (all year required uniform):

 Pants   Khakis
 Shirt  Any collared dress shirt. Shirts must be tucked in at all times during the school day. 
 Tie  Any tie
 Blazer  Navy blazer with BWL patch on pocket—the patch is to be purchased through the BiWize.
 Shoes  Any shoes, except flip-flops
SPECIAL DRESS DAYS: Dress shoes, not sneakers, and white “oxford” dress shirts must be worn on Special Dress Days when announced by the administration.
 Shirt  Any collared dress shirt
 Tie  Any tie
 Sweater  May wear a solid colored sweater or cardigan as long as students wear a tie
 Shoes  Any shoes

SPECIAL DRESS DAYS: Please note that there will be Special Dress Days when Upper School boys will be required to wear navy blue blazers to school.

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