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From the Headmaster    
July 2017

Dear Members of the BWL Community,

As we look forward to the new academic year, I would like to announce several changes in our College Counseling team. In the Middle and Upper School, faculty members will also be taking on new administrative roles. Our STEM Initiative continues to thrive, with innovative programming planned throughout the year.
College Counseling

Momoho Takao, a 1999 graduate of The Birch Wathen Lenox School and a 2003 graduate of Brown University, will be joining our staff as Director of College Counseling. He replaces Brad Battaglia, who will be joining the Garden School as Director of the Upper School. Mr. Takao has been the Associate Dean of Admissions at Brown for the past eleven years, and brings great experience and knowledge to the College Counseling position.
From the Headmaster
Sally Hatfield will become Assistant Director of College Counseling, as well as Assistant Director of Admissions. Ms. Hatfield has already been assisting the Admissions team, and her duties will expand next year. A graduate of Middlebury College, she will also work with Momoho Takao, interacting with students who are going through the college process. Ms. Hatfield’s experience as a teacher and extracurricular coach, as well as her background in admissions prior to working at BWL, will serve her well as she lends support to Momoho and the rest of the College Counseling team. Upper School Director Curtis March will also assist with college recommendations.

I will continue in my leadership role on the College Counseling team. My responsibility is to overview the process, providing guidance to families and students, and reaching out to contacts at specific colleges and universities. The College Counseling team will meet regularly to discuss our students as they navigate the process.

New Administrative Roles

Dean of Upper School Students Charles Miller will be taking a leave of absence during the 2017-2018 academic year, in order to pursue a master’s degree at Harvard as part of his career plan to become a school Head in the future. Geoffrey Fisher, who has been assisting Mr. March during the past year, will serve as Acting Dean of Students next year. Mr. Miller will return to BWL in September 2018.

In addition to serving as Middle School Director, Joe Kreutziger will next year supervise several faculty members who will comprise our newly formed Faculty Education and Development Committee. The teachers on this committee will work with Mr. Kreutziger to establish recommendations for faculty enrichment.
Michele Weitz will be responsible for organizing all teacher evaluations, as well as establishing a timeline for peer visits. As opportunities for professional development and continuing education proliferate, Melanie Wengrod will serve as our Faculty Development Coordinator, working on budgets for programs such as Bacon Dee grants. In her new role as Teaching and Learning Coordinator, Emily LeVasseur will identify specific needs for teacher training in relation to the overall Middle School curriculum.

STEM Updates and Goals

On June 1, students in the Upper School featured their work at our first annual programming showcase, while Middle School students participated in the Design Fair. This year’s fair had the theme of global citizenship, and sponsors included The American Museum of Natural History, The Liberty Science Center, The Brooklyn Robot Foundry, and SpaceX.

The Ted Ed Club capped off their year with a mini- conference geared toward sharing ideas. Talks at the summit covered everything from 3D textile printing, to the new landscape of cyber security, and was a test run for a more ambitious TED Ed Club event to be held during the upcoming school year. For Middle School, we are considering a humanities/science crossover reading requirement, to bring scientific themes into the English curriculum and vice versa, and help students to expand their critical thinking.

I have greatly enjoyed and learned much from our STEM initiative. As a board member of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, I have been able to share the program with other educators throughout the United States with the greatest enthusiasm and confidence.
Tuition Freeze

The Birch Wathen Lenox School has achieved a balanced budget for many years. As a reflection of our fiscal health, we will be holding the cost of tuition at current levels from now through the 2019-2020 academic year. This means that BWL’s tuition will not go up at all during the next three years. Our school motto is Integrity, Loyalty and Civility—we truly value your loyalty and hope that this tuition freeze will be helpful to BWL families.

As I enter my twenty-sixth year as your Headmaster, I continue to feel privileged to have the responsibilities with which you have entrusted me. I look forward to greeting you personally in September.

Sincerely yours,

Frank J. Carnabuci III

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